Signature Stairs

Glass Balustrade

Signature Stairs offer a wide range of glass balustrades which can be custom fit to existing concrete or timber stairs, providing striking modern finishes to tradition structures. Combined with wall lighting and different forms of cladding our glass balustrade can turn an ordinary stairs structure into a real interior feature of the home.

Feature Details of the Signature Glass Balustrade

Free Standing Glass:

The use of a clear toughened glass balustrade and guard railing gives a clean and dramatic finish to a stairs or open gallery areas. Our glass balustrades are Available in a number of finishes including curved and frosted glass options. Fixing details can vary from mirror finished stainless fixings to fully concealed channels.

Elegant Killarney:

In this glass balustrade we use tubular stainless steel uprights and handrail with pin & post detail to circular clamping disks to hold the clear toughed glass infill panels. As with all Signature stainless handrails they can be substituted with a rebated timber alternative.


This option is similar to the Elegant Killarney glass balustrade, differing slightly with ‘D’ clamps holding the glass infill panels in place. All clear toughened glass panels are finished with polished edges throughout.


All stainless balustrade with laser cut tubular uprights completed with solid horizontal running infill bars at 100 mm centres. This option is particularly effective on curved stairs or when combined with the Elegant Killarney gallery railing.