Signature Stairs

Glider Contemporary Staircase Designs

Signature Stairs manufacture a wide range of contemporary staircases. The Glider, so called as the single central spine structure glides from the ground to first floor with steps seemingly suspended mid air, is an excellent example of one of our modern stairs designs. Beautifully designed with a versatile structure the central spine works well in all shapes of stairs.

Feature Details of the Glider Modern Stairs

Clients have the option of either a fin-plate or box-support style to the steps of the Glider contemporary staircase. The Fin-plate support option makes a more contemporary stairs statement by exposing the metal structure to the stairs. The exposed fin-plate support to the step is finished with solid timber thread to the top side only. The Glider works well with Signature’s ‘Elegant Killarney Balustrade’ – stainless steel & glass balustrade.

The box support version of the modern stairs design minimises the visible structure by reducing the size of the support to steps and fully cladding them in solid timber. This style is particularly suited to ‘free standing glass’ balustrade and can be finished with timber or stainless steel fixings to the outside of the glass balustrade and there is also an option of timber or stainless steel handrails.

As with all other Signature Stairs, clients can choose from a number of timber finishes and any visible mild steel is sanded, filled and primed ready for finish colour by the client. This ensures that the glider contemporary stairs can be fully integrated into the interior design colour scheme of your home.